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Official Zayn Story Preference (cont.25)

Okay, I literally just got back from my recital an hour ago and I tried to finish it off. There will be more to come. Thank you for being patient everyone ! Love you guys MATURE CONTENT

You pulled your arms around his neck, kissing him. His hands were wrapped around your waist as he began to kiss back. Just as he began to lean himself on the bed you pulled away, your teeth in between bottom lip and giggled. “I’m not letting all my cooking going to waste” you said, getting up. He pouted for a minute, “fine but we’re going to finish all this later” he said, making hand gestures to the bed. You laughed as he walked behind you into the kitchen. The aroma instantly hit his nose, “mmm, it smells good in here” he says, poking his face into the steaming pan. “Your favorite” you said, handing him a plate. He dips what seems to be two servings onto his plate before handing you the spoon. As he grabs two cups and pours drinks into them, you settle into the kitchen table seat. “Here ya go babe” he says, handing you a cup before he sits down himself. “thanks” you mumble. You spend lunch talking about the spectacular trip he had planned. He always seemed to surprise you in unexpected ways.

You were clearing the dishes when Zayn had gotten up to use the bathroom. While putting the dishes into the sink you feel his arms wrap around you. “Remember when I said we were going to finish later…well it’s later” he whispered, his hot breath swirling around your ear. Before you have a chance to say anything he managed to turn you around. His hands against the countertop, leaving you trapped in between his body; you stared into his eyes. It wasn’t the usual shade of soft brown hazel eyes you looked up to everyday but dark, almost black and full of passion. See, when it came to Zayn and intimacy there was two sides to him: the sensitive and gentle one which you loved and then the dangerous and lustful side you loved even more. He stared at you for a few moments before unexpectingly crashing his lips onto yours. His tongue forced itself into your mouth, your hands on the back of his neck. He sucks on your sweet spot, right behind your ear trailing down to your collarbone.  You can feel his bulge against your crotch. His hands roam all over your body until he slowly slides one hand down. He feels the dampness in your knickers as he brushes his hand beneath it. You let out a small moan into his mouth. He suddenly pulls away, looking into your eyes “jump” he demands. You comply, wrapping your legs around his waist as he grabs your ass cheeks to keep you up, leading you into the bedroom. He pushes the door open before settling you on the bed. You quickly pull your shirt off as he unbuckles his pants and throws his shirt off. Your hand glides through his abs as he slides your shorts off along with your knickers. He begins to kiss you from your lips all the way trailing down to your stomach. Just as he’s about to reach the area you want him the most his head scoops down to your thigh. He kisses up your inner thighs painfully slow. “Stop teasing me” you mutter. He looks up and grins, making you roll your eyes. He lightly kisses your lips before diving down again into you. His tongue enters you thrusting. You buck your hips, titling your head back. His skillful tongue deepens inside of you as you grip his hair. He swirls his tongue around.  Without warning he plunges two fingers into you and you gasp. He pumps them in and out as you moan, gripping onto the roots of his hair. “Babee i-I’m gun-na co-come” you stutter. “Not just yet” he whispers. He pulls his fingers out and you glare at him, “what the fuck”. He doesn’t say a word; he just pulls down his boxers revealing his large erection. “Suck it” he simply says. You nod, kneeling down and breathing onto his erection. You softly place your lips on him before flicking your tongue on the tip. “Stop doing that” he grits through his teeth. You look up, “stop doing what?” you ask innocently, giving his manhood another lick and batting your eyelashes. “Stop fucking teasing me” he says, grabbing the back of your head and shoving it into his cock. No matter how many times you and Zayn have had sex you were always astonished on how big he was. He hits the back of your throat, causing you to gag a bit. At first he pushed your head back and forth until you sucked on your own, bobbing your head up and down as he held your hair back for you. After a while he pulled you back up, sucking on your collar bone. He pushed you onto the bed, grazing his cock against your slit. “Zayn” you whimper. He ignores you and begins massaging your breasts. He kneads them at first then rubbing your left nipple with his thumb, sucking your right. You begin to groan, “Please” you croak out. He gives you a devilish look, “Beg if you really want it babe” he says. “Oh, Zayn please fuck me” you say. “You’re gunna have to do better than that” he scoffs. “Zayn please fuck me with your gigantic cock. I want it inside my tight ass pussy. I want you to fuck me so hard that I can barely walk” you stammer out, breathless. He smirks before ramming into you causing you to let out a yelp. He gives you no time to adjust but pleasure suddenly fills your body. He begins to thrust into you “Ugh faster Zayn, faster” you say. “Are you sure about that?” he asks. “yes, I’m fucking positive” you almost scream. He chuckles before grabbing your legs and placing them over his shoulders. He rams into you once more, the new angle sending a wave length of pleasure. He continues to thrust and moan louder and louder each time. “Say my name baby, I want everyone to know who’s making you moan” he says. “Zaynnnn” you say as he thrusts deeper. “Louder” he says. He grunts as he slams into you.He hits your g-spot making you scream at the top of your lungs, “ZAYYYYYYNNNNN”. “That’s my girl” he smirks, thrusting and hitting your g-spot every time. “I’m gun-gunna come” you stammer.  “On the count of 3” he says and you nod. As he counts down he rams into you making you weak. “3” he finally finishes with one last thrust and you feel your walls tighten around him. You can feel his cock twitch inside of you and him spill into you. Your toes curl up and you pull on the roots of his hair. The feeling is unbelievable, like an out-of-body experience. You two ride eachother out and he finally collapses next to you. The next few moments are quiet except the sounds of both of you breathing heavily and chests pounding.

When you both finally catch your breath,  he wraps his arm around you and kisses your temple. “I didn’t hurt you did i?” he suddenly whispers. Your sweet and gentle Zayn was back, he never failed to make an appearance after his raging sessions. You shake your head, “of course not”. “Good, because you know I would never hurt you on purpose boo. It’s just sometimes…I-I can’t help myself” he says. “I know that. Stop worrying, I loved every minute of it” you tried to comfort him. He chuckled lightly, “glad to hear”. “I’m pretty sure our neighbors heard every minute of it too” you said, which made him laugh a bit more. He pulls you closer to him and you can hear his chest pounding and the vibrations of him humming, hitching at his throat. The peaceful sounds are like a lullaby sending you to sleep and as your eyes start to close you hear a different vibration. Zayn suddenly tears away and reaches down grabbing his pair of jeans that he had swiftly taken off earlier. His hands go crawling into the pocket and he pulls out his phone. “Hello?”he answers. You rest your head in between his arm and chest, your fingers walking on top of his abdomen.  You’re in your own little world and you don’t notice Zayn nudging you. “Babeee” he finally says, and you look up, “mhm?”. He laughs and you’re completely unaware about what.  “Liam asked if we want to go to dinner tonight with the other boys. Eleanor & Danielle will be there” he says, holding the phone to his chest. You were hoping for a quiet and comfy night at home with Zayn but you didn’t want to be rude, especially when everyone else would be there. You nod your head, “sounds good”. He smiles before going back to the phone, “Yeah, we’ll see you guys there.-Alright mate, bye” he clicks the phone off and lets it fall right into his jeans, fumbled on the floor.  “When are the reservations?”you ask. “Liam said 8, I guess it’s our official celebratory dinner” he replies playing with your hair. It takes you a second to realize that it was for the U.S. tour. You were so caught up in everything when Zayn told you that you forgot about congratulating him. You felt terrible. “I was so busy thinking about you leaving that I didn’t even remember to say congratulations babe!” you say. He laughs, “That’s alright”. You look up at him, “But seriously, it’s amazing how far you and the boys have come. Maybe we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like to and maybe you’re always traveling and working but I really am proud of you. I’ll always be here, 100%” you say. You lean your head up to give him and a kiss and he meets you half way. Your lips softly touch for a moment. “I know, thankyou” he says.  “Now go get in the shower, you’re all icky!” you tell him. “Hey, you’re just as gross as me!” he laughs. “No-“ you begin to protest and he clobbers you into a massive cuddle. “Well now you are” he chuckles. “I hate you” you joke as he gets off of you. “love you too babe” he says, kissing you before walking to the bathroom. You throw a pillow at him and he looks back, giving you a funny look. You covered up with the sheets and closed your eyes for a few minutes, listening to the sound of the water running from the shower and soon Zayn’s voice singing yet again, another Chris Brown Song. You exhaled, taking in everything.

Zayn Fanfic: How You Met & More

So it was requested a lot for a prologue or rather how you two met and started going out for the Zayn story. I’m not sure if this will turn into another story but if you’d like it to you can send me mail. This isn’t the end yet, also.

Your eyes stayed glued to your reflection as you indulged in the dance. Your movement was picking up to the beat of the song. As you became swift yet remained graceful, you made mental notes:” better posture, that leg could be higher, my knees could be straighter, I could hit that pose stronger”. You were practicing for your very first recital for the new company you had joined and you wanted it to be perfect. You were utterly surprised when they had offered you to do a solo since few newcomers barely even made it to being a prop their first week. The instructors had definitely seen something in you, something unique. You had your practice hours yesterday but you felt you needed more and with the amount of space in your flat you had to come to the studio. You were practically begging the choreographer for a few extra hours and she finally gave in, unfortunately it was at 7 am, much to your dismay. However she said you had to pay a price although it seemed more like an opportunity to you.  She needed assistance in a last minute practice session she was having. You had eagerly accepted, seeing to get on her good side as well as put in some extra hours. After finishing the dance and taking a quick glance at the clock you decided to rest with the few minutes you had left. You took a seat on the floor and wiped the sweat off your brow. Gulping down water you were startled when the door came open and it was the choreographer. You licked the corner of your lips where a droplet of water had gotten away and straightened yourself up. You got up to greet her, “Good Morning” you said as cheerfully as possible. “Morning (y/n), did you get your hours in?” she asked, skimming through a binder. You nodded, “just finished up”. She eyed the writing in front of her up and down for a few seconds before meeting your eyes, “great” she said, slamming the binder shut. “So what will I exactly be assisting with?” you asked curiously. She hadn’t given you many details after running off to a meeting yesterday. “A band, they have a gig in town and the venue had last minute changes. The stage is completely different from what they had practiced for so it all has to be redone” she says. You nod, “seems simple”. You were hoping for something a bit more challenging like helping seniors with a trio or anything that actually really related to dance. You wanted to show her your talent. “It should be fairly easy; the manager said half the time they do their own thing on stage” she said. She pulled her bag to her side and opened it, rummaging through. She tucked a strand of hair behind her hair, “shit” she said. You looked up, “mhm?” you were busy fiddling with the hem of your shorts. “I forgot something at the other studio, the boys will be here any minute” she said, placing the palm of her hand on top her head. “I could run over and get it for you” you suggested, sucking up. She shook her head, “no, no I have to get it myself. It’s only a couple of blocks down, I’ll be back in a few” she said, closing her bag and tugging it onto her shoulder. “You can look through some choreography in the meanwhile” she said, handing the binder to you.  You nodded smiling, although you were a bit annoyed. She was treating you somewhat like a child, telling you, you couldn’t something and giving you something to “Keep” you busy with. She quickly rushed out, leaving you alone. You decided it was best to change into different clothing. Being around some greasy boy band who had never stepped a day in the dance studio while you wearing booty shorts and a sports bra didn’t sound appealing. You searched through your dance bag, picking up your sweats and an off the shoulder loose top. You pulled off your shorts that hung to your hips even tighter from sweat and slipped on the pants. You were taking off your shirt, “Oh uhm” you heard a familiar voice. You instantly knew who it was or sort of. A couple of weeks ago you had downloaded a few songs from a boy band named “One Direction”, they weren’t half bad. You recognized the raspy voice as he had done his fair share of vocals in plenty of the songs. “Sorry” he finished. You quickly pulled the loose top over, cheeks turning crimson red. “Ur, its uhm…okay” you said, stuffing the rest of your things into the bag. “I’m looking for Amelia Stewarts?” he asked, expecting it to be you. “Oh, she’ll be here in a few minutes. She had to run out and get something” you replied, getting up. He nodded slowly, “I’m Harry…Harry Styles” he introduced himself. You mentally put his name and face with the voice, he didn’t exactly sound like a Harry. Even though you had been listening to the band for some weeks now you never bothered looking them up so you had practically knew nothing about them, only their voices.  “(Y/N)” you smiled weakly. “Are you another choreographer?” he asked curiously.  “Oh no, I’m a dancer here, just helping her out” I replied. “A dancer, really?” he asked, giving a cheeky smile. Oh brother, you thought. He was quite attractive but you were way too busy to bother with him, he better not flirt with you. Before you could answer, the door came bursting open followed by 3 boys laughing like mad. You felt a bit awkward as all the boys joined together and began to talk. Harry nudged a boy with a shade of brown rather long hair wearing a striped shirt. He looked up from his antics with the others and his eyes met you, “Oh hey babe” he said casually. “Hi” you simply said. “I’m Louis”- he took the pleasure of introducing the two others-“and this is Liam”, he pointed. “H-Hi” said Liam kindly, you recognized him from most of the songs; he always sung the first two verses. You gave a smile. “And Niall” said Louis. A blonde boy looked up, “Hello there” he said. His accent was different, you caught a little irish in it. You can’t remember his voice really but then his verse in “Moments” play back in your head. “I’m (y/n”. Nice to meet you guys” you said. They all nodded in agreement. Louis was roughing around with Niall when he suddenly stopped and looked around, “where’s my partner in crime, eh?” he asked. “He’s running a little late” Harry replied, fixing the curly and messy locks of hair. You leaned against the wall, staring at the mirror, fixing your posture. “(Y/N)?” Harry said suddenly. You snapped out, “Yes?” you asked looking at him. “I know your only assisting and everything but I was wondering…” he began. Oh god, was he about to ask you out or something? “Can you make sure the choreography or at least ask for it to be… a little laidback?” he asked. You sighed, relieved but feeling like an idiot. You nodded not say anything. “It’s not that we’re some lazy or anything like that, it’s just we kind of like to do our own thing on stage” he said. “I’ve heard” you said, smiling friendly. You grabbed the binder and opened it up, you hadn’t gotten a chance to look at it. “Is this good?” you asked, handing it over to him. He studied it for a few minutes, “I have no idea what the hell this means” he said. You laughed, “Sorry, I didn’t realize that “, you quickly looked over the signs and words written down. “Oh, it’s quite simple” you said. The door opened and the choreographer came in. She seemed rustled as she pulled her hair back and set her things back. “Oh good, you guys are here” he said, taking her jacket off. They all greeted her, shaking her hand except Harry who applied a kiss on her cheek. She was about 30 years of age, a bit too old for him to say the least. What a flirt. “We’re actually missing someone” Liam said as she took the binder from me and gave me a smile, thanking me for greeting them. “Well you haven’t much time, isn’t the gig tonight?” the choreographer asked. “He’ll only be in a few minutes” Niall said. “I guess we’ll just start without him then” she said. They all nodded. “Okay so I thought we’d start off as Harry center, Louis center right, Niall center left…” she began. As she began to show them there places you helped any of them who weren’t doing it correct. You were about 2 or 3 minutes into practicing when the door clicked and you looked up. You met the eyes of a boy. He had dark hair with a tiny hint of brown. His hair was in a messy quiff. His eyes, hazel brown and he had rather long but still nice eyelashes. He looked like he didn’t shave in about 2 days, forming a small beard around the bottom of his chin reaching down to his jaw. His chiseled jaw and apparent muscles (despite the fact he was wearing a sweatshirt) made him all the more masculine. His skin was in between a tan color and slightly pale, more like olive. He was wearing loose grey sweats pants along with a pair of nikes, grasping onto a water bottle. His eyes twinkled as your glances met, you bit your lip subconsciously. You both broke the stare when Louis came running up to Zayn and jumping in his arms, catching the boy off guard. He staggered back but regained composure, “Glad to see you too Lou” he said chuckling. His voice was silky but almost a tad raspy with a thick Bradford accent. You remember the high notes he hit in almost all the songs, it always seemed to sooth you. His voice was one of the reasons you fell in love with the songs. Clearly Louis was the funny one in the band. Zayn set him down and punched his arm lightly. The choreographer cleared her throat, “Ahem” she said. Zayn looked up, “Oh hi…sorry” he said timidly. “I’m a tad late” he said, biting his lip. Your choreographer quickly introduced herself. “Zayn Malik” he said shyly. His name fit his appearance, It was an odd thing to say but it did. “Well we’ve started a bit but (y/n) will tell you starting position” the choreographer said looking over at me. He shot his eyes at you and you gave a weak smile. He bit his lip for the second time, shoving his hands into his pockets and walking over to you. “Hey” he said. “Uh…hi” you replied awkwardly. God keep it together, you thought. “So you’re supposed to show me where to stand right?” he asked after a few seconds of silence. “Oh yeah, right over here” you said pointing to a spot the boys were previously standing next to but moved on from. You noticed how his muscles tensed up and he seemed uneasy.

After about ten minutes of showing him the steps, he reviewed it. “It’s actually two steps to right” you corrected him quietly. “Oh sorry, I’m not very good at this stuff” he said, redoing a few movements. “It’s alright, it gets quite boring” you said reassuringly. “Very” he replied. “Did you boys bring a copy of the stage?” the choreographer suddenly asked. They all looked at Harry. He mumbled something under his breath before sighing, “it must have slipped my mind…sorry really” he said. Your choreographer groaned, “it’s alright it’s just I really need the view of it” she said. “Well we’ve all seen it, we could explain it to you” Liam suggested. She nodded and they spent the next few minutes all disastrously talking at once, all except for Zayn. He was rather quiet and it interested you. “This isn’t going to work” your choreographer said. “Zayn can sketch it for you, eh?” Louis asked. Zayn had been shuffling his feet at the floor before and he suddenly looked up, he opened his mouth to say something to Louis but didn’t bother. “Can you draw?” the choreographer asked. “Well I’m not that good…but I could do a little sketch I guess” he said, scratching the back of his head. “Thatll have to do” she said, quickly handing him paper and a pencil. “(Y/N) you can help him” she said. You looked up, what the hell did she mean “help him”?  You didn’t know shit about drawing and you weren’t going to make a fool of yourself in front of this boy. You just nodded your head and Zayn gestured for you two to sit down on the floor in a corner. Your shoulders brushed up against each other, giving you a tingly sensation. He pulled his knees up so they were about 6 or 7 inches away from his chest. He rested the pad of paper on it and began making light strokes of pencil marks on the paper. The more he sketched, his face intensified as he tried to get every little mark right. His brows furrowed as he erased a little. After a few minutes you could see a visible make-out of the stage and soon it looked like a stage except in far more detail. “Wow, you’re good” you said, not aware that you said anything. He looked up and laughed nervously, “thanks but I’m not all that good, it’s just a sketch” he said. “Well ten times better than I could ever draw” you answered. He smiled, “I’m sure you can draw”. “If you count stick figures” you replied. He laughed and his seemed to loosen up more. He was about to say something when a shoe came flying his way. He flinched as it missed him, hitting the wall. He looked in the direction it came to find Louis mischievously smiling. Zayn smirked before throwing it back at Louis, hitting him the chest. “Are you finished with the sketch?” you asked, suddenly remembering what you were really supposed to be doing. He looked back confused for a second, “uhm..oh yeah I’m finished” he said. He got up holding the pad in one hand and reaching his hand out to you. You placed your palm in his as he pulled you, not that you needed him to of course. “Thanks” you said. He half-smiled, before turning away and giving the sketch to the choreographer. He seemed nervous twiddling his fingers as the choreographer looked over the sketch. Almost like a student standing as they waited for there teacher to read an essay. “This is perfect, thank you” she said, smiling up at him. He nodded, “no problem”. She was talking to the boys about the set up of the stage but you weren’t paying attention. You were looking at Zayn who once again shoved his hands pack into his pocket, standing around. “Well we’re all done here but you missed out a lot” the choreographer said looking over at Zayn. “Oh” he said, scratching the back of his head again. “I’ve got a rehearsal with my seniors, do you mind staying behind?” she asked, looking towards me at this time. You were pretty sore and tired from waking up so early this morning and dancing but you reluctantly nodded, flashing a fake smile. You guessed it wouldn’t be too bad being left back in the studio Zayn. He wasn’t trouble at all and he was definitely a nice piece of eye candy. “You’re a doll, I’ll see ya Monday” she said, starting to pick up her stuff. “I’ll catch up with you guys later at the flat” Zayn said. They all said their goodbyes to both of you until you two were the only one left in the studio. “I’ll get the playlist on” you said. You walked over to the stereo, fiddling with it. You could feel his eyes on you, watching you up and down. He seemed different now that everyone was gone, less nervous. You stopped at the song you had left off on, “Everything About You”. “We can pick up from here” you said turning around. He looked at my eyes, you had caught him looking at your bum. His cheeks turned a light pink and he bit his lip, “uhuh” he said. If you caught a guy looking at your arse you would have told them to “fuck off”, but obviously not in this situation. For a few minutes it was as if there was a giant elephant in the room and it was awkward. You did your best to ignore it and eventually everything seemed normal again. You showed him all the steps, correcting his mistakes and helping out. The two of you got around to casually talking, developing a little acquaintance. You found out the boys and he had been on tour for a few months and this was their final concert. They all lived in the same complex, everyone their own flat except Louis and Harry, who shared one. They were formed as a band on the x-factor (which you never watched) and they managed to make a hit single despite the fact they came in third. He asked about you, like where you were from and what you were doing. You told him you were from the U.S. but you came up to England for your dancing career but you weren’t sure if you were staying, it depended on how things worked out. After watching him practice all the steps perfectly, “I think we’re all done here now” you said. “Uh, okay great” he said, grabbing a water bottle. You went turn the stereo off and you flicked passed the song you were using for your recital. “Actually…” you began to say, not even meaning to say anything. He looked back, his mouth still on the tip of the water bottle. He pulled it down slightly, “mhm?” he asked. You should have said never mind but instead, “Do you mind staying for another ten minutes?” you asked. “Yeah, sure. What for?” he asked, taking a gulp of his water. “Oh it’s just I’ve got this big recital coming up and I’m not going to be in the studio until Monday but they don’t exactly let the new dancers stay in the studio alone unpermitted.” You explained. “Take all the time you need” he said, smiling. “Thanks, it’ll only take a few minutes, you can just chill out in the mean time” you said, looking for your song. He took a spot on the floor, ruffling his hands through his hair. You stood in the center of the studio, facing the mirror. You close your eyes, taking a deep breath waiting for the music to begin.  You heard the first key play and your eyes opened, you moved your left foot. You forgot about where you were, throwing yourself into the dance. All of your energy and passion went into those two minutes and thirty seconds.  When the song finally ended, you took a big breath and then sighed. You turned the stereo and turned to Zayn. He was staring straight at you, his deep brown eyes memorized. “That was…” he began. “I know it’s still…” you started to say. “Absolutely amazing” he ended. The ends of your mouth curved into a smile, “Thanks, but it still needs some work” you said. He jumped up from the floor, “No, not at all. It was perfect, memorizing” he said. “You think so?” you asked. “Of course and the story line…incredible” he said. You raised a brow, “the story line?” you asked. How could he possibly understand the story behind the dance? “Yeah, the woman sucked into a life she never asked for and trying to escape but caged because of society’s barriers” he said, running his hands through his hair. He was right, that was exactly what the dance was about. “Wow…how did you even understood that?” you asked impressed. “The first thirty seconds I was kind of lost but then I examined the movements and put it all together” he said. “I’m not just from a pretty little boy band y’know, I’ve got brains too” he added. “I didn’t mean…” you started saying, hoping he wasn’t offended. “I’m kidding with you” he said grinning. “Oh” you said laughing. “Anyways, thanks for staying behind to help me out” he said. “It was nothing” you insisted. “No, really” he said, digging into the sports bag he had brought. He pulled out two rectangular shaped pieces of white paper with writing. “Two tickets, bring a friend” he said handing them to you, smiling. “Wow, uhm thanks” you said. “I’ll leave your name on the guest list, you should come back stage after the concert. I’d really like to talk more” he said.

Official Zayn Story Preference (cont.24)

 “I know boo, I’m gunna miss you a lot”.  “It’s just so unfair, you just got back and now you’re leaving” you said. You felt like a brat, you were going to make him feel guilty but you couldn’t help it. He sighed, “you’re going to be so annoyed with me for the next 3 weeks that you won’t be able to wait when I leave” he says. You laugh through your tears and Zayn kissed the top of your forehead.

 He suddenly released you from his arms and leaned towards the floor, picking something up. He put the brown package you had gotten yesterday on his lap, “what’s this?”. “I don’t know, it came for you yesterday” you said, sitting up. He unties the string, unfolding the ends and carefully opening the middle of the brown paper. You laugh at how he takes his time instead of ripping it up. “What?” he says looking up. “Nothing, you look cute when you’re concentrated” you say.  He scrunches his nose and shakes his head. He first slides out a piece of paper with writing on it. He holds it in his hands, reading it: “Doniya and I were cleaning out the attic and we found this. We had a good hour making fun of you :P You’re always telling me I text too much so I wrote this, I hope your happy now! – Love, your favorite sister Walihya. P.S.: Mum doesn’t know I sent this, be careful!”. “That’s so sweet” you say, reading it over his shoulder. “I can’t believe she actually listens to what I say” he says, chuckling. He pulls out a huge black book, imprinted in gold with beautiful writing it says, “Zayn Javaad Malik” & underneath “January 12th 1993”. He runs his finger through the cover, it was his childhood photo album. You looked at the thickness, “I guess you took a lot of pictures even as a kid” you teased. “Hey, I was the first boy, of course they were utterly obsessed with me!” he joked. He opened it up and the first page was a pictures of him when he was first born, surrounded by family. He turned the page and it was him being dressed up during a family photo shoot in different clothes, he was always laughing or smiling. “I guess you were a pretty cute baby” you admitted. His face lit up as he saw pictures of himself as a baby, reminiscing in a way. You noticed a picture of him outside kissing a girl on the cheek, the caption underneath read: “Zayn & Maria Age 5”. “I see you were a bit of a pimp already at 5 Malik” you teased him again, pointing to the photo. He laughed, “Don’t get jealous boo, she whacked me in the head right after”.  You continued to look through the album, lots of pictures of him running around, singing and being very hyper. You even saw a picture of him tiptoeing on a stool to look in a mirror as he tried to do his hair all by himself. He told you about every picture and as much as he could remember, it was like a walk back into his childhood.  You completely forgot about all the troubles as you and Zayn continued to look through the album, laughing.

He finally put the book aside and squeezed you, kissing your cheek. “You smell gross” you say, inhaling his cologne as well as alcohol from last night. He pouted, “Why are you so mean?”, he asks, pretending to be crushed by your “harsh” words. You laugh, “I don’t like smelly boys”. He gets up, “Fine, I’m going to take a shower, care to join?” he asks, smirking. You shake your head, “I already had one this morning, unlike you” you say, scrunching your nose. “Too bad” he says, he lifts you up over his shoulder, despite your protests. “Zaynn!” you say, kicking your legs on his back. “Boo, we’re going to save water!” he says.  He finally puts you down, closing the bathroom door behind him and standing in front of it. “I don’t need a shower” you say laughing, trying to open the door. He stands firm in front, making sure you don’t get past him, expressionless.  You roll your eyes and sigh, starting to strip off your clothes and you see him crack a smile. You quickly get in and turn on the shower. When Zayn finally gets in he rests his hands around your hips and kisses your back, it sends shivers down your spine. The hot water pours onto both of your skins, the shower filling with steam.  “I love you” he mumbles, in between kisses. After a rather long shower, you finally get out. Your hair is soaking wet and the mirrors are covered in steam. You’re drying yourself off and look over to find Zayn leaning against the wall with the towel wrapped around his waist, staring at you. His hair was wet and pulled down, just the way you liked it.  “What?” you ask. “Nothing, you’ll just never know how beautiful you really are to me” he simply says, smiling. You blush and start to pull your hair back. Suddenly Zayn walks over and scoops you up bridal style, taking you by surprise. He covers you up in your towel, cradling you almost like a baby. “What are you doing?” you ask. He doesn’t reply, he carries you over to the bed gently settling you done. He starts to kiss your jaw and your hands casually fall into his hair.

Twenty minutes later you were in the kitchen. Your hair was tied up and you threw on a huge sweatshirt. Zayn was heating up the breakfast you had left for him in the microwave, he was wearing loose boxers.  He sat down at the kitchen table with you, playing with his food. “What do you want to do today?” you asked, considering you had the rest of the day to yourselves since neither of you had work. “Well you’ve been using half of my wardrobe, I think we both need a shopping trip” he says. “You like it when I wear your clothes!” you retorted. He laughed, “I do”. After Zayn finished eating, you got dressed to go out shopping. You walk out towards the street and he slips his hand into yours. You stroll down the area, looking at the beautiful window displays, but nothing really catches your eyes. You enter one of Zayn’s favorite shops and he goes to have a look around. You pick out a few things for him, knowing his type of style. “Hey babe, I think I got what I wanted” he says, clutching a few items. “I think you’ll look pretty cute in these” you say, showing him what you picked up. You both noticed you both picked up the same things and laugh. “I guess I know your style too well” you say. You head out to the check out and he pays for the clothes.

You glance at a shop window display, carrying the most beautiful and high-end fashion clothes along with accessories. You quickly walk past, knowing that it was incredibly expensive and you couldn’t bear to buy anything there. “Why don’t we go in here” Zayn asks, gesturing to the shop. You shake your head, “it’s way too expensive”.  “You don’t have to get anything, we could just have a look” he says. Tempted you sigh, “fine”. He grins and grabs your hand opening the door. The store was rather large inside, despite on the outside it looked like a deceivingly small boutique. The walls were bare white with fur carpet and cherry wood floor. Items were neatly placed on racks and stands. Most of the things were of black and white, giving a very Chanel-like theme.  As you look around, a bag catches your eye. It was basic large-flap bag, black and quilted leather along with two large golden handles. It was quite simple but nonetheless gorgeous. You didn’t bother to look at the price, already aware it was way too much of a splurge. You spend another few minutes looking at the bag, “I think I’m ready to go” you tell Zayn. He nods, taking your hand and walking out. You’re halfway down the block when he says “Shit”, turning around. “What is it?” you ask. “I forgot my uhm…wallet at the shop” he says. You give him a confused look, how on earth could he lose his wallet at the store. “Wait here, I’ll be back” he says. He lets go of your hand and quickly runs to the shop. It takes him about ten minutes to get back. “What took you so long?” you ask, as he grabs your hand and starts walking. “Took awhile to find it” he says. “Be careful next time” you say. He nods his head as you two cross the street.  You spend the next two hours shopping and finally go home.

Zayn puts the bags down by the side of the door but keeps one in his hand. “I’m gunna make us some lunch” you say, walking over to the kitchen and washing your hands. “Do you need any help?” he asks, passing through the kitchen island. You shake your head, “I can manage”. “If you need anything just call me, I’ll be in the bedroom” he said, kissing the top of your forehead and disappearing into the room.

You looked through the fridge taking out several items and placing them on the counter. You weren’t the best cook in the world but you had learned a thing or two from your mum. You were  heating a pan on the stove, dripping a bit of olive oil in it. You laid the pieces of chicken onto the pan and the sizzling noise crackled in your ear. You turned around to the island and began to chop the peppers. You carefully placed your fingers on the top of the red pepper and slowly diced it down. It was probably twenty minutes that had passed when you began to wonder what Zayn was doing in the bedroom. He always kept you company when you cooked, sitting by the island chatting or just staring at you. He was probably watching t.v. or reading a book. No, maybe he was jacking off, ha. You could hear faint crumpling noises of paper and your imagination began to trail off. Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by his voice, “BOOO” you heard him yell from the bedroom. “Yes?” you answered, moving onto another vegetable. “Can you come!” he replied, then not two seconds later, “Please”. You stopped chopping and washed your hands, walking over to the bedroom. “What is it?” You asked, opening the bedroom door. He was sitting at the edge of the bed next to a grey box tied off with a pink bow. “Come here boo” he says, taking your hand and dropping you onto his lap. “Yes?” you asked, confused. He picked up the box next to him and plopped into right into your lap. It wasn’t your anniversary, your birthday or any other special occasion. “What’s this for?” you asked, admiring the little bow and small patterns traced through the box. “Nothing-he shrugs-just cause I love you” he says. You smile and fiddle with the pink bow. “Open it” he urges. You tug on one end of the bow, letting it loose and fall into a simple ribbon now. You squealed with excitement. You lifted the top of the grey box and pulled out the white tissue paper. You gawked at what you saw. It was the same black quilted leather bag at the shop today. You reached your hand out to feel the soft leather. “Do you like it?” he grinned. “I love it!” you exclaimed, giving him a kiss. “I saw you eyeing it at that shop today so when I went back “to get my wallet” I picked it up for you” he explained. “You are the sweetest!” you said, switching your position. You were face to face, your arms hung loosely over his neck. You crashed you lips onto his and his hands immediately went to the back of your waist.  You knew where this was going. You started to push your lips harder onto his and he seemed swooned by you as he began to lay onto the bed.  He suddenly lifted his hands from your waist, leaning one against the bed which stopping his tracks and putting the other in the back of your hair. “Wa-w-wait” he said, pulling his lips from yours. “What” you asked. “You didn’t lift the rest of the wrapping paper from the box” he said, looking over at it. “So?” you asked, confused and just wanting to get back into the moment. “Just do it, there’s something else there” he said. You released your arms from around his neck and grabbed the box, lifting up the white tissue paper. It revealed an envelope which you opened. You lifted out two rectangular pieces of paper with tons of writing on it. You searched for a pair of words to explain anything. He was staring, waiting for your expression to change. “Round trip to Mores Island Airport, Bahamas. Flight 182”. You rubbed your thumb over the bold black words, taking a moment to connect everything together. Once you realized, your eyes lit up, “Oh my god!” you exclaimed. He smiled. “Is this forreal?” you asked. He nodded, “Of course silly”. You squealed which made him laugh. “3 weeks in the Bahamas, just me and you boo” he said. The thought of spend 3 weeks away from everything with Zayn made you giddy. There wouldn’t be any fans, paparazzi or anyone to disturb the two of you. “When do we leave?” you asked with excitement. “Right after your recital, I know it’s a bit rushed but it’s the only convenient flight I could find” he said. “I don’t even care, I cannot wait” you exclaimed. He laughed, you never really got this “bemused” by something. “I’m guess I’m going to give a lot of blow jobs to even up to this” you joked. “It’s alright babe, we’ll have plenty of time” he smirked.

Zayn Malik One Shot- One Night Stand (MATURE)

I waved goodbye to my friends, laughing like an idiot as Zayn tugged on my hand. I had been at the club for the past four hours and by this time I was completely drunk. I stumbled down the streets with Zayn who clutched my hand. He had been drinking as much as I but it didn’t show. You could walk up to him and think he was absolutely sober. “How far?” I groaned. My feet were sore from the 6 inch heels I decided to put on tonight. “My flat’s just a few blocks down” he replied. We had been eyeing each other all night and he finally came up to me on the dance floor. I remember the shiver he sent down my spine as he brushed up against my back, placing his hands gently on my hips. It felt so natural. I don’t remember how long we were dancing but it must have been a while because soon the bouncers were telling people to leave. The club was going to be closing soon so I was walking back to my friends.  He hadn’t even kissed me once during the whole time so I was surprised when he invited me back to his flat, especially at this time. I probably should have gone home and went to straight to bed but being intoxicated, I accepted. The air was cool and the moon brightened up the night.  He didn’t talk much during our walk and usually this would leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable but it felt relaxing. It wasn’t until he opened the door to his flat that I felt awkward. He barely even touched me yet he was inviting me back to his flat. But then again, there was this undeniable attraction I had towards him. He wasn’t your typical one-night stand kind of guy, he was different. He flicked on the lights revealing a spacious and very modern furnished flat. He led me inside, taking off his black leather jacket.  He walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge. I sat on a stool next to the island. He pulled out some sort of alcoholic beverage but I didn’t bother to see what it was. He grabbed a glass and then paused as if he suddenly remembered he had company, “do you want a drink?” he asked. I shook my head, “I’m fine”.  What the hell was he doing? Did he really invite you over for drinks at 3 a.m. in the morning? It was silent as he took small gulps of the drink. I looked forward and noticed two large French glass doors, leading onto what seemed like a balcony. I couldn’t see much of it but from where I was sitting it looked like an amazing view. He noticed I was staring through the glass door and walked over to it, opening the door. He gestured for me to come out, leaving his drink behind. As I stepped out, the air immediately hit me. His elbows rested on top of the railing, his hands clasped together. The view was absolutely breath taking. The whole city seemed to be lit up, leaving a gorgeous picture. I stood next to him, taking everything in. “I like coming out here on late nights, it looks best then” he says, keeping his eyes fixed on the scenery. I didn’t say anything; I just nodded, not even sure if he saw. He pulled out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket. I was kind of surprised he smoked, he didn’t seem like the type even with his jet black hair and leather jacket. He opened the package and carefully slid a cigarette out, he held the package out, “want one?” he asked. I shook my head, I had only smoked once or twice and I didn’t really like it but I didn’t mind when others smoked. He shoved the pack back into his pocket and lit the cigarette. He took a deep breath before putting it on the tip of his mouth. After a few seconds, he blew a circle of smoke which quickly disappeared into the night sky. It was kind of soothing, just standing there with him but at the same time I was irritated. Why did he even bring me back to his place? I didn’t understand at all and being drunk, my temper was a lot shorter. I looked over at him, he hadn’t moved once.  It made me frustrated, he was calm and collected yet I was yearning for him to notice me, to desire me. I couldn’t take it anymore, either we were going to do something or I was going the fuck home. “Why the fuck did you even invite me here?” I spat, the words slipped out of my mouth. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that but the alcohol had gotten the best of me again. He seemed a bit startled but he casually looked over at me, “What do you mean?” he asked, blowing smoke into the air once again. “You don’t just invite a girl over to your flat to go out on the balcony and smoke a cigarette when it’s 3 a.m. on a Friday night” I snapped.  I couldn’t tell if I was getting annoyed because I was sexually frustrated being next to something I couldn’t have or if I genuinely was a drunk mess. Either way, I wanted an answer from him. He chuckled and then threw his cigarette onto the floor. He smashed it with the heel of his shoe and kicked it off the side of the balcony. He turned to face me, his deep brown eyes staring into mine. I was caught off guard and I began to blush madly. The side of his lips curled up once he noticed my crimson red cheeks.  I forced myself to look straight back into his eyes. God, he had gorgeous eyes. I was a sucker for brown eyes. I leaned in just a bit, preparing myself but he beat me to it. It was definitely unexpected. He crashed his lips onto mine. We both broke away at the same time and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. It was an amazing kiss but at the same time it felt like one of those first-kiss-at-the-playground kinda things. It was odd.  This was supposed to be a  violent, rushed and sloppy one-night hook up not making me blush and leaving butterflies in my stomach. Despite the awkward fact we both pulled away, he suddenly grabbed me by the waist, crashing his lips on mine again. Feeling his hands firmly sitting on my waist gave me assurance this time.  I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck. He started to kiss the side of my mouth, trailing down to my jaw and then my neck. I wrapped my hands around him tighter. I pushed myself against him and I could feel the bulge growing in his pants. He scooped me up by the bum and wrapped one leg around his back and I did the same with the other. His lips never left my skin as he walked towards the bedroom. Within the few seconds I had to take in his room. I noticed the almond brown painted walls and the king size bed covered in burgundy sheets. He gently laid me down onto the bed and I released my hands from him. Before he continued to kiss me, he stood up straight for a moment. My legs were wrapped around his legs. “You sure you want to-“ he said. Did he even have to ask? I rolled my eyes and used my legs to pull him closer. I still found it sweet that he had asked. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt, letting it fall to the floor. As he came down, I began to sit up and we met in the middle. He starting kissing me as I tried to pull my dress down but it was tight. He moved his hand around my back, searching for the zipper. Once he found it, he slowly zipped it all the way down, now resting his hands on my shoulders. He pulled the straps off my shoulder, sliding it all the way to the floor. His hands touched my black lace bra and he popped it open, with one pinch. He clearly knew what he was doing. I let the bra fall, revealing my breasts and he cupped his hands around it. I couldn’t help but moan which caused him to bite down on my lip. At this point, my knickers were soaking wet and I needed him inside of me.  He slid his hand down and rubbed my clit and I whimpered. He slowly slid my knickers off until they reached the ground. He crouched down and began to kiss the inside of my thighs, moving up with each kiss. He continued to get closer and closer but he moved slower. I knew exactly what he was doing. He was teasing me and I was throbbing.  I couldn’t take it anymore. I shoved his head right into me. He paused for a moment, laughing which taunted me anymore. He finally flicked his tongue and dove right into me. I could feel his tongue moving in deeper and deeper as he sucked me. I bit my lip down, resisting the urge to moan. The pleasure he gave me, licking my sweetness. But I needed more and he knew it. “I-I need you in-inside of me” I managed to croak out. He looked up smirking. “Please Zayn”, I was practically begging. He nodded, pulling his trousers down which revealed his hard dick. He opened my legs and slowly started to move in me. He was letting me get use to the size, seeing my pussy was tight. “Stop bullshitting with me and fuck me” I whispered. He started to slowly thrust. As my moans started getting louder, his pace began to pick up. His hips moved faster but it wasn’t enough. “Harder” I requested, my fingers wrapped around his hair. His thrusts became more powerful and I dug my nails into his back. “Ugh, Zayn” I moaned. He bit the side of my neck and I squealed a little. We did this for about an hour. As I reached my orgasm, I was screaming his name and I was sure everyone in the damn complex heard but I could care less. As we finally rode it out he gave one last overruling thrust, he collapsed next to me. We were both catching our breaths and I felt the bead of sweat trickle down from my brow. He had really worked me out.  “Wow that was…”he said, sucking in a gulp of air.“Amazing” I finished for him. “Yeah” he agreed. I wasn’t even drunk anymore, which confused me.  We were silent for a couple of minutes; it brought back the same exact feelings when we were walking to his flat. As much as I wanted to lay in bed with him, I leaned over and got up. “Well I guess I should be going now” I said, looking for my knickers. He sat up, surprised “it’s nearly 4 in the morning. They’re practically aren’t any cabs out” he said.“I’ll be fine” I said, grabbing my dress. He grabbed my hand, “There’s no way I’m letting you walk home” his voice was silky. My heart melted, he was being sweet. “I guess there’s no use in me trying to leave then” I sighed. He smiled, “I’ll take you home first thing in the morning, promise” he said. I nodded. He rummaged through a drawer before pulling out a huge black shirt which read “I’m sexy and I know” in white bold writing. He handed it over to me, “Thanks” Imumbled, putting it over my head. It hung all the way to my thighs and it was quite comfortable.  Usually after sex, I drifted right off but this time was different. Both he and I were wide awake, it was strange. “C’mon” he said, pulling my hand leading me out of the bedroom. He slid the glass door open and we walked out onto the balcony once again. To think a few hours ago, we were standing here awkwardly. It was a lot colder outside than it was before. Once I shivered a little he noticed and pulled me closer. He was bare-chested, only wearing a pair of flannel pajamas yet his skin couldn’t have felt any warmer. This time he talked a lot more, asking me questions as if he cared to get to know me. I was practically telling him my whole  life story. God knows how long we were out there talking but I remember watching the sun rise and my body was numb. We went back inside and slipped into the warm sheets of his bed. I probably should have asked for him to take me home or be on my way but I couldn’t. I wanted to bury my face into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. And that’s exactly what we did. I had never drifted asleep so fast and naturally.

I woke up and looked over, Zayn still had one arm draped over me. I searched the room for a clock and found it resting on the night stand. It read “1:00”. I couldn’t believe we had slept through the whole morning. Zayn was still fast asleep and even though he promised to take me home I had to leave. Lying next to him and inhaling his scent was torture. I had to get out of there. I lightly moved his arm from me and got up. I shamefully put back on my clothes from last night, tossing my hair into a ponytail. As I was about to leave, I turned back. This was supposed to be a one-night stand but maybe it could be more. I rummaged through his draw and found a pen and paper. I simply scribbled my number down, leaving no name. I placed it right on his chest and then walked away. I looked back as I opened the door and his eyes fluttered a bit.

Official Zayn Story Preference (cont.23)

I know I took awhile to post this but I was having writers block & I was super busy D: Forgive me?

You’re shivering like mad since you left the flat wearing a sheer cardigan but Zayn just continue to hold you tighter. As you’re wrapped up in his jacket, you feel his warm breath on the side of your neck. Neither of you are saying anything, just watching the sun rise.  “You’re freezing boo, lets get outta here” he says after you watch the sun rise. You nod and he takes your hand leading you back into the car. He turns on the heat and drapes his arm over you. It was a quiet drive home but the sound of the engine soothed you. He opened the door to the flat and you noticed the dish he was eating in was shattered on the floor. “Uhm…I guess I got a little carried away” he said scratching the back of his head. “Go put on some pjs and get in bed. I’m gunna clean this mess up and make us some tea” he says. You kiss his jaw, “I love you” you said. You didn’t realize how much of your bullshit he put up with and he continued to love you no matter what happened. “I love you too boo” he says. You go to the bedroom and take off your clothes. You throw your hair into a messy bun and grab one of Zayns huge sweatshirts. It hung all the way to your thighs and you didn’t bother putting on pants. You slipped into bed, waiting for him. You could hear him sweeping up the broken glass and the sound of the steaming tea pot. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, resting your head on the backboard of the bed. He came in with two cups of tea and chocolate chip cookies. “Two sugars and milk, just the way you like it”he says handing you a cup. You smile, “thanks babe”. He settles the plate of cookies in the middle of the bed before getting into bed. He turns on the T.V. and puts it on FRIENDS, you both loved this show. It happened to be one of your favorite episodes, where everyone found out Chandler and Monica were secretly dating. You were sipping on tea as Zayn fed you between commercials. You snuggled up to his chest, pulling the blanket closer. He took your cup at put it on the nightstand, then kissing your forehead. After a couple of episodes you drift off and Zayn puts the pillow down, laying your head on it.

You wake up and it’s 12:00. Zayn isn’t in bed, which is unusual since he takes the longest to get out of bed. You creep into the kitchen and you can’t seem to find him anywhere. You grab your phone to call him and instead find a text from him: “Morning boo (: out to get breakfast, hope you like the flowers!”. You look up and notice a vase of gorgeous pastel pink roses on the coffee table. You walk over , picking it up and inhaling the scent. There was a note attached, written in black ink with perfect script: “A flower can’t blossom without the sun and I can’t seem to love without you” . You smile, putting the vase down. You’re brushing your teeth and you hear the door open, it must be Zayn.  “Boo”he yells, you can tell he’s walking to the bathroom. You quickly spit the mouth wash as he walks into the bathroom. “There you are” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist. You kiss him, “good morning”. “Did you like the flowers?”He asks eagerly. You nod, “they’re gorgeous”. “I’m glad you like them” he says as you walk out into the kitchen. He empties out the bag of breakfast onto one huge plate. He pulls you into his lap at the kitchen table and you’re feeding each other.  Zayn’s phone suddenly vibrates and he answers it, “Hello…yeah okay…I’ll be there yeah…okay bye”. “Who was that?” you asked putting a piece of scrambled egg in his mouth. “Paul, apparently we have a big meeting with Simon this afternoon” he says. “Really? And they let you know this now?” you asked. The boys rarely ever met or first-hand spoke to Simon unless it was urgent or planned out for months. “Yeah, I have no idea what for” he says a little worried. “I’m sure he just wants to congratulate you guys or something of that sort” you say trying to comfort him. “Yeah, I hope so” he says. You can tell he’s going to have his mind set on this all day. “Don’t worry about it babe. I’ve gotta get to rehearsals soon” you say, getting up from Zayn’s lap. He pulls you back, “do you have to go boo?” he asks. “Yes and I’m gunna be late if you don’t let me go!” you say, still trying to get up. He holds you back with a little smirk. “Zaynnn! You’re going to make me late!” He laughs and then kisses your jaw, “you’re really cute when you’re in a rush” he says before letting you go. 

You quickly change and go back to the living room. You find Zayn laying on the couch, staring into space. You can tell he’s thinking about the meeting he’s supposed to have later on. You lean down to kiss his lips, “Babe, you have to get your mind off this” you say. He looks up at you, “I know, I’m just a bit worried, that’s all” he replied. “There’s nothing to be worried about” you say. You spend the next few minutes comforting him and then a quick goodbye.

 Rehearsals went smoothly with no problems at all. After rehearsals you and some of the dancers are taking a break in the studio. One of the girls (Emily) were a bit off beat during practice and she confesses she had her mind on other things, such as catching her boyfriend cheating. “Oh my god, you don’t deserve that Em. I’m so sorry” you say, being sympathetic. She was truly a sweet girl. “Yeah, it’s just really sucks” she says sadly. “You need to get your mind off that pathetic idiot” you say. “We need a girls night!”,one of the other girls chirp in. You nod, “we should have it at my place!” you exclaim. Everyone talks it over and agrees to meet at your place tonight to cheer up Emily.

 As you get back to your flat, you catch Zayn right before he’s leaving. “Hey boo, how was rehearsal?” he asks putting on a fresh and clean-cut shirt. “Nice & easy” you say proudly. “That’s my girl” he says. You smile, “well let’s hope it goes like that during the actual recital”. “I already know you’ll do amazing, I’m sure of it” he says. He kisses you for a few seconds, “the boys are waiting for me outside”. You nod, “I hope the meeting goes well” you say. “Me too, bye boo” he says, before giving you one last peck and heading out the door. You took a showerand tidied up around your flat. You went into your bedroom and looked through your’s and Zayn’s dvd stash to find a few comedies and classics. After cleaning up, you realized the girls would be at the flat in about an hour and you still needed to go to the supermarket. Just as you quickly grabbed your bag to leave, the door bell rung. You peeped out and found one of the doorman outside. “Hi  Joe” you said, wondering what he could need. “Hey (y/n), sorry to bother you…”he says. He was holding a small package in his hand, neatly wrapped in brown paper. “Oh no you weren’t bothering me! Is there something you need?” you ask. “This package came a little late but it’s addressed for Zayn” he says, handing it to you. The only packages Zayn ever received was clothes that he ordered online, which you couldn’t remember him telling you about recently and the package didn’t look like it was from a company, a bit more personal. “Thanks Joe” you said, closing the door. There wasn’t much written on the brown paper except your address and Zayn’s name. You were in a rush to get to the supermarket before it closed so you shoved the package aside and headed out the door. At the supermarket you grab all the necessary junk food for a girl’s night in: chocolate, chips, marshmallows, whip crème, ice cream and pretty much anything that you’ll regret eating in the morning.  

When you got back to your flat, you emptied the bags and set everything up. You changed into more comfy and relaxing clothes. The girls were already ringing your doorbell. You gathered around in the living room and started to chat, trying to get Emily’s mind off of things. You were all giggling and having a blast like little school girls. It was about two or three hours into your little “girls night in hoorah” when the door was being midway opened, “Boo” you heard Zayn called out. When he saw all of the girls in the livingroom, his cheeks turned a slight color of pink, “Oh…Hi girls” he greeted. Your girlfriends thought you and Zayn were such a cute couple and they also thought he was a great guy for you. “Oh sorry I didn’t tell you, we’re having a little girls night in” you say. He came over to the couch where you were sitting and gave you a small peck, “oh it’s fine. The boys and I are going out for a couple of drinks to…celebrate”he says. You raise your eyebrows, wanting to know how the meeting went. “We’ll talk later?” he says, not wanting to share news when everyone else was around. You nod and he gives you one of his charming smiles. Zayn goes into the bedroom to get changed and later comes out with a simple sort-of tight white tee and jeans. He had his dog tag and his gelled up. “Tell the boys I said hi” you say as he’s leaving. He gives you another quick peck, “I will. Well you girls have fun” he says closing the door. As soon as he leaves your friends immediately tease you with how cute you two are and you just roll your eyes. You spend the rest of the night pigging out and watching movies. You really got to catch up with the girls and have a good time. It gets pretty late and your friends decide to leave. It was definitely a successful girl’s night.

You plan on waiting up for Zayn but the later it gets you decide to just head off to bed. You don’t bother text or call him, you didn’t want to be an annoying girlfriend; besides he never went out that much anyways. It was probably 2 am when you hear the bedroom door creak open and groggily open your eyes, “Zayn?”.  “Go back to sleep boo” he says. You can hear him taking off his clothes and trying to find his way around in the dark. He stumbles a few times before collapsing into bed and wrapping his arms around you. “I love you” he slurred, you could smell the alcohol in his breath, but it didn’t bother you.

You wake up at 10, although it is your day off. You look over and Zayn is heavily asleep. You quietly slip out of bed and head to the bathroom for a morning shower. You make breakfast, leaving leftovers for Zayn since you didn’t want to wake him up after his long night. You replied to texts from your friends who thanked you for the amazing girls night. You were reading  a book when you heard his alarm go off followed by a loud groan. You laughed, he was not a fan of being woken up. You entered the room to find him rubbing his head, his eyes squinted. You kindly handed him two advils and a water, seeing that he would need it. “Thanks boo” he muttered, swallowing the tablets and gulping down the water. You sat at the edge of the bed, lightly kicking your feet. “Did you and the girls have a good night?” he asked. You nodded, “Did you have fun last night…celebrating?” you asked. “A little too much” he said, referring to his throbbing head. “How was the meeting?” you asked, curious about the news he had to tell you about. “It caught us a little off guard” he said. He took a few minutes to speak, he was thinking of what to say. This made you anxious, whenever Zayn had something to tell you it flowed out his mouth so easily, good or bad. “Well, basically…Simon told us that we hit #1 on US charts again” he said, unenthusiastic. “Babe, that’s great!” you exclaimed, proud of him. He nodded, “Yeah, I guess we’ve been doing pretty good and so Simon thought it would be a good idea for us to …sort of go out there” he said. “What do you mean sort of go out there?” you asked confused. “Like a…tour” he said quietly. You looked up at him, another tour? He had just gotten back a few weeks ago and this one was a million miles away. “How long?” you asked. You noticed a lump forming in your throat and you did your best to swallow it. “Until the end of August” he replied, he was looking at your eyes, trying to read you.  You didn’t even notice your eyes swelling until a tear ran down. You quickly put your hand up to wipe it away with your sleeve not wanting to Zayn to see but Zayn placed his hand on you cheek, swiping it away before you could. “Boo, please don’t-“he began to say. “No, no I’m fine” you try to protest.  “I know your disappointed, I am too but we can get through this, it’ll only be for a little while” he clearly knew you weren’t fine. You tried to ignore your feelings, “when do you leave?”. “In 3 weeks, I know it’s spur of the moment” he says. You lean your head into his chest and he instinctively wrapped his arms around you. “I’m going to miss you” you simply said. He kissed the top of your forehead, “I know boo, I’m gunna miss you a lot”.  He squeezes you a little, settling his back against the back board.

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